Clashing Worlds by Zoe Adams

Publication: March 3, 2021

Kindle Edition

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Zoe Adams writes easy to read, sexy books that deal with the complexities of love. Love isn’t easy, it isn’t neat, and it is always sweet. Zoe takes the layers of love and weaves them to expose what matters underneath.

“He knew how to love her right.”

Jordan realizes something has happened to Stacy almost immediately. And he is angry.

Book three picks up right where book two ended, and it’s relatively intense. Jordan is livid at the thought of something terrible happening to Stacy. Miles and miles and miles away- Stacy is also livid when she realizes just who is behind this entire ordeal… her dad.

We get a glimpse into what Stacy’s life and family dynamic is like in this book, which I enjoyed. It proves that the grass isn’t always greener. We learn about Stacy’s past and get quite a bit of insight into how she has become the woman she is.

We also get to see what Jordan’s vulnerable side looks like and, indeed, the extent of his feelings for Stacy. Between his rollercoaster emotions and his desperation to find her, we learn there is a deep, lasting love inside Jordan.

I am enjoying this series so much. Now that we’ve gotten to know the characters and that the foundation has been so solidly built, the story is hitting in a completely different way. This book is much more emotional. And I love the way Zoe Adams can evoke such intense feelings with her words.

Book three will stab you in the heart repeatedly, give you some bandaids, and the. Stab you again. It’s my favorite of the series so far. The growth of all the characters is incredible. There’s so much depth and dimension in this series, and book by book, it just keeps getting better. I cannot wait for book four- which is the end of the series- which the way this series has been written could mean so many things. I can’t handle the anticipation!

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