Clashing Hearts by Zoe Adams

Published: February 17, 2021

Kindle Edition

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Zoe Adams writes short books that deal with the complexities of love. She can craft the good, the bad, and the ugly in such an artistic and honest way. She frames her stories in such an artful way that is both sensual and raw.

“Tonight, I just want to love you like it’s our first time together. Can I do that?”

Just as Stacy thought everything was crashing down around her, she learns more about Jordan’s past that bonds them even tighter. Just as things are starting to take a definite shape, in the twilight of the evening, Stacy finds herself in trouble. And now the question is: is it all over?

I enjoyed this book! We pick up where we left off from book one, and Zoe Adams does not give us a single second to breathe. This book is steamy, and we fall even more in love with the romance between Jordan and Stacy.

We get to know Mimi a little bit more in this book, which I liked. She is such a fun character. We also get our first real introduction to Stacy’s parents, and oof- intense doesn’t even begin to describe them.

As Stacy falls more in love with the sunshine, surfing, and Jordan, she starts thinking about the future. The build-up for this series is getting so intense. The imagery used in this book is beautiful, Zoe likens the tumultuous waves to Stacy’s dark mood in one scene, and you can see the waves at that moment.

I am all in with this series. The cliffhanger in this book is torture, and I am immediately ready for book three. This series has it all, heavy past trauma, intense steamy scenes, and a budding romance that could be a forever type of love. Book three cannot come out soon enough!

Just a note for romance readers, it is recommended that this series be read in order. I agree with that assessment, seeing as this is a continuation from the first book, things wouldn’t make sense if you started with book 2. Luckily, these books are fantastic and the books aren’t too long. Trust me, you’ll read both books quickly, and be begging for more!

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