Unethical by Marla Anderson

Published: January 28, 2021

Wolfheart Press

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Marla L. Anderson is the author of numerous short stories and novel-length fiction. Her specialties are science fiction, fantasy, horror, and suspense. Her love of speculative fiction began at an early age, and she started writing her own soon after. When she’s not writing, she uses her metalsmithing and enameling skills to create art and jewelry. She worked as a law office administrator until deciding to devote herself full-time to writing and art.

“Poppycock, balderdash, and horseshit!”

Jo has a lot going on- she is struggling to find some balance without completely losing her mind. Her father’s recent diagnosis weighs heavily and consumes much of her time. Jo hasn’t had a solid night’s sleep in weeks, and she is starting to feel worn out. And then a miracle reveals itself, and Jo decides to decide with her interest front and center. Little did Jo know, that decision would be a nightmare.

I enjoyed this story. I found the characters interesting, and I enjoyed the dynamic and chemistry between the main cast. This book has a nice balance of emotions, and sad is balanced with happiness, which is knocked over by anger, which is kicked across the room by grief, tossed away by frustration, all while humor is sprinkled throughout. The emotional range is well written, and the flow was very natural.

I expected more medical terminology and “doctor talk,” but I’m glad for the balance with that, too. I’m not a neurologist, so the language used was just enough to sound credible and well researched.

The overall concept for the book is pretty fantastic. But a cure at such a cost is just terrifying. It’s scary because something like this could very well happen, and the public wouldn’t know. No one would know, and those who did wouldn’t say anything. Secrets are scary.

I appreciated the full spectrum Jo took throughout this book. She blossomed as a character, and her depth and influence were very well done. She is smart, capable, and sassy. It’s almost impossible to dislike her.

The epilogue was bittersweet. I didn’t realize that twist that would come at the last minute, which honestly surprised me. Not only did I not see it coming, but I didn’t expect that to be the turn of events. It was a well-played and clever plot twist.

This was a fast-paced and entertaining read. The last half moved a lot faster, but the buildup is intense, and the plot is solid. If you like medical thrillers, this may be the book for you!

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