You Rock by Lola West

Published: February 3, 2021

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Lola West writes short, sweet, smart, silly, sexy romance. With a Ph.D. in women’s studies and a flair for the dramatic, Lola likes to keep it real.

“She was what happened when you crossed the girl next door with a fairy princess, only in jeans.”

Eric is serious about his work. He’s going to school for music, and he and his group of friends take what they do very seriously. When the group practically bullies Eric into joining a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt slash blind date, he goes but doesn’t expect much. Until he spots a pretty woman with lavender-colored hair. Olivia has a full plate. But she has one weekend truly for herself. She drags her best friend to a blind date scavenger hunt. What could be more fun than spending the evening with a stranger- while in a strange city and pretending to be everything you aren’t?

First, I love that this is the backstory of Horse and his journey to how he became the man we all fell in love with with in Imperfect Harmony. I love that we are getting to see how life was before. And I like Eric. He is smart, kind, passionate, talented, and determined not to let anything distract him from being the best sound engineer possible.

Until he gets matched with a pretty woman with lavender hair and a sweet smile, suddenly all he wants to do is see if she tastes as sweet as she looks. This is such a different style for Lola. Her books are usually happily ever after, and we do not get that here.

I love the characters. And I am so excited to get to know them all as this series continues. I am also looking forward to the epilogue to this story cause I have to know! This is truly the perfect book to read for Valentine’s Day- even if you don’t have a date.

Curl up with a story that will draw you in and make you swoon. You will feel the full range of emotions with this one, which is entirely on-brand for Ms. Lola. I look forward to getting to know Olivia and her life.

This is an excellent start to what is sure to be a super-steamy series. The sexy scenes in this book were intense. Lola kicked the heat up a couple of notches! So if you like steamy, sweet, sad, and real- this is the book for you.

“I do everything the man does, only backward and in high heels!”- Ginger Rogers

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