Beneath Her Skin by Gregg Olsen

Published: February 2, 2021


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

**this book contains talk of teenage suicide, self-harm and sexual abuse. If you are sensitive to any of those topics, this may not be the book for you.**

Gregg Olsen has been a journalist and investigative author for more than twenty years. He is the recipient of numerous writing, editing, and photojournalism awards, including citations of excellence from the Society of Professional Journalists (Sigma Delta Chi), the International Association of Business Communicators, Washington Press Association, Society of Technical Communication, and the Public Relations Society of America.

“It had to be done.”

When a tragedy occurs in a small town, everyone is impacted. And when twin sisters Hayley and Taylor start getting clues about the truth, things unravel at lightning speed. Being a teenager is hard enough, but some secrets must be revealed at all costs.

This was an excellent story. It starts on a slower, sadder note. But as the story begins to fall together and the pieces begin to form, things start making sense.

Katelyn died, and the town is left with nothing but gossip and speculation. Until Hayley and Taylor start realizing the story doesn’t quite add up.

The characters in this book are all so well developed, and the traits they all possess are so spot-on for their age. Writing about teenage girls can’t be the easiest thing to do. Mostly to do it so believably.

The pacing of this novel is quick, and once things start happening, everything unfolds at a break neck speed. I had figured out part of the twist right before it unraveled. But I never would have guessed the remaining pieces in this puzzle.

There are so many layers to this story, and as they all start to make sense and begin to come together, it will leave you utterly speechless. Gregg Olsen has created the perfect storm of complicated characters, intense stories, and multiple layers that only add to the overall suspense.

I couldn’t read this fast enough. Just when I thought I knew the way things would turn, I was slapped with another small clue that changed everything. This story is fast-paced and complicated—all the way to the end. Once the twist hits and the pieces all connect, you will be left gasping for air. Secrets get uncovered, secrets get revealed, and more secrets are created.

This is a brilliantly constructed novel. A dynamic game of cat and mouse, only we don’t know who is the cat and who is the mouse until it’s all over. This is a must-read for any true crime fan. The build is intense, but it is nothing compared to the free fall that leads us to the ending.

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