Christmas Clichè by Tara Sivec

Published: November 29, 2019

Kindle Edition

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited, so I read it for free.

Tara Sivec is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and looks forward to the day when all three become adults and move out.

“Good,” I tell her with a nod. “How do you feel about West Virginia?” “Stop the fucking car.”

Allie Parker grew up spending Christmas in West Virginia with her dad’s side of the family. When her dad dies, so does that tradition. Fast forward to her adult life, and Allie finds herself the handler for her famous twin sisters. She balances life for her spoiled sisters and her workaholic mother. Until the planning for her sister’s annual over-the-top Christmas Eve party pushes Allie over the edge. She grabs her best friend, a typical LA socialite, Millie, and takes off. Little does anyone know, Allie is about to be reminded why West Virginia and Christmas are her happy places.

This book is the perfect Christmas read. It’s sweet, funny, and has the most cheerful and festive love story. I enjoyed all of the characters, I loved the plot, and the comedy is pure gold.

This book is unlike Tara’s usual romcoms in that the steamy scenes are mentioned but not described in detail. And it’s perfect. The basis of this book is finding happiness and finding yourself and figuring your life out, and embracing things that are happening.

I loved the plot and character development. Allie could be any of us. She is lost, unhappy, and needing change. Her best friend is a wealthy socialite, and together they balance each other out. With Millie by her side, Allie suddenly takes off from Los Angeles to flee her spoiled, famous twin sister’s ridiculous Christmas Eve party.

West Virginia has meant Christmas to Allie for as long as she could remember. When her dad died, her family stopped spending Christmas in West Virginia, and ever since, Allie has felt something was missing.

So when she takes off, she knows there is only one place calling her: West Virginia. When Allie and Millie arrive, they discover that favorite cousin Jamie has gone to Florida with her family for Christmas—leaving Allie to scramble to figure out what she and Millie are supposed to do. Jamie arranges for the LA pair to spend Christmas at a cute little B&B until she returns.

Little did anyone know, this B&B would forever change Allie’s life. Allie and Millie arrive at the Bed and Breakfast with quite a crash-literally- and almost immediately, they meet Jason. The son of the owners, who is every bit the country stud you would imagine.

Allie and Jason are drawn to one another, almost inexplicably. They are both searching for something they didn’t know they would ever find. And in each other, they rediscover the magic of Christmas and the meaning of family.

This book is such a charming tale. It’s filled with great one-liners and has such memorable characters. Something I love about Tara’s books is that they all end in a way that could lead to a follow-up. So, Tara, my dear, please give us a follow up to Allie and Jason’s life… also, Millie needs a book. Can you imagine? She could find love with a small town hunk who completely changes her life. I am swooning already!

Find Christmas Clichè by Tara Sivec on Amazon. This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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