Her First Rodeo by Lola West

Her First Rodeo by Lola West

Published: January 12, 2021

Kindle Edition

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Lola West writes short, sweet, smart, silly, sexy romance. With a Ph.D. in women’s studies and a flair for the dramatic, Lola likes to keep it real.

“As I spoke, she crouched down in front of me and reached out, taking my plums into her gloved hand.”

Wyatt Morgan may be the last unattached Morgan sibling, but he doesn’t have a lack of options. Except he has always had it bad for the town genius, Caroline. Caroline has just come back to Conway to work with Doc Eggs temporarily. She is conflicted about what her future holds, but all she knows is she wants to be more than the smart girl, and she wants to experience her very first orgasm. Enter Wyatt Morgan, a blast from the past. With some creative planning, a list, and a whole lot of sexual chemistry, the two quickly realize they have feelings. Is Conway big enough for Wyatt and Caroline to find their happy ending?

Oh, my GOODNESS. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love this series any freaking more. Sigh. Swoon. Heart eyes all day. This installment is so lovely. It has so many important themes, and Lola West tackles things head-on.

Caroline is genius-level smart. It’s how she is known and how people refer to her. And it drives Caroline crazy. She is more than her IQ, and she wants to be seen. She wants people to stop holding her up on this smart girl platform and just let her live.

Wyatt is a charismatic charmer known for being a flirt, a ladies man, and a good cowboy. But he is struggling with himself internally because he doesn’t feel like he’s smart. He thinks his grades from school identify who he is and what he is worthy of.

Caroline discovers that Wyatt struggles with a common problem, and she offers a way for him to correct it. The best part is that while he is working on coming to terms with his struggles, he is asked questions that make him realize his worth is not summed up by high school grades.

I love how Lola takes on such significant struggles and faces them head-on. She embraces them and helps her characters realize they are not lesser than, simply because they have shortcomings. It is brilliant and beautifully written, and something so positive that I think everyone needs to see.

I loved the updates on all the Morgan siblings. Maddie is pregnant. If you haven’t read Tofu Cowboy, stop reading this immediately and read it, which is beautiful, and she deserves that happiness so much. I loved having Jamison in the mix, and she is such a great addition to the series. Duke was the wondrous patriarch as always, though we did get to see a bit more of his grandpa side. I still want a Duke story, whether it is the telling of his love with his wife or a later in life romance. Duke seriously deserves the world.

I loved getting to see what Kat and Bill are up to with their family, and Sarah and Horse make an appearance. It’s just a significant update for this family we have all fallen in love with. And Carolyn is such a fantastic match for Wyatt.

I am so excited about this book, and I love the plot. The story is charming, and Lola delivered it eloquently. There are some epic one-liners, and in true Lola West fashion, some super steamy scenes. You want to read this book!

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