All the Tw*ts I Met Along the Way by Carolyn Hobdey

Published: January 18, 2021
Filament Publishing

Carolyn Hobdey was a successful businesswoman who held court in some of the most prestigious conference rooms in the business world. But all this did, was allow her to hide a deep secret: she had no self-worth. She wrote this book to help herself and others take control of their lives in both the professional and personal areas.

“Because twats are, after all, everywhere.”

Carolyn Hobdey has been through quite a lot in her life. Some good, some bad, some terrifying. In her memoir, she shares the insights she has earned through her experience.

This book is honest, it’s raw, and it’s filled with highs and lows. Carolyn opens up and shares her darkest secrets and biggest hurts. She shows a vulnerability that is brave and bold.

She shares everything, even things that don’t reflect positively upon her. She gives us the full story, and her humor lightens the blows as she explains what she has been through.

Carolyn Hobdey bares her soul and delivers the darkest of hurts with us. And she does so with purpose. This is a deep dive into what abuse looks like. We learn so much about a woman who has paid more than her share of dues in this life.

The last couple of chapters of this book are powerful. Forgiveness, acceptance, redemption, and self-love are such powerful concepts, and while Carolyn Hobdey doesn’t have all the answers, what she does have is her perspective. And she sings it loud and proud. This is a solid read if you want to overcome your past and come out a better person.

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