The Whispers of Rifts by Beena Khan

Published: December 15, 2020
Beena Khan, Kindle Edition
I revived a copy of this book from Beena Khan in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to read for you, again, Beena!

Beena Khan lives in New York and has splashed into the literary world in a big way this year. She published her first novel, The Name of Red, in May of this year, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She writes edgy, contemporary love stories that powerfully embrace culture and diversity.

“I’m colored, and you’re colorless. What a combination.”

Aryan came to the United States to receive an education and make his family proud. His uncle and aunt agreed to take him in and become his legal guardians. Little did Aryan or his parents know, his aunt and uncle had other plans. Shortly after Aryan moved into their home, they started charging him rent and expecting him to pay his way. Because Aryan was still in high school when this started, he struggled and went without more often than not. In school, Aryan meets Snow, a beautiful, sassy girl who has albinism. Despite her physical differences, Snow doesn’t let anything stop her. She captures Aryan’s heart. As they fall further in love, their difference becomes a point of contention. Especially when Aryan’s uncle finds out about Snow. Now Aryan finds himself homeless, penniless, as heartbroken on the streets of New York. Until a pair of pretty green eyes come into his life…

This is the longest book Beena Khan has written for her Red series. The growth and development show just how passionate Beena is about bringing thieve characters to life.

Aryan had a rough adolescence. He suffered from a home that treated him like a burden, racism at school, and judgment wherever he turned. The way Beena wrote Aryan’s past is heartbreaking.

One of my favorite aspects of Beena’s writing is how she incorporates so much culture and diversity into her stories. We learn about Aryan, his religion, his family dynamic, and his history.

Aryan has always been a fun character. Quiet yet smart, funny, yet reserved. He is a loyal friend, a dedicated employee, and a broken soul.

This book is just as much Aanaah’s story as it is Aryan’s story, and I enjoyed getting a female perspective within this tale. Learning about Aanaah’s marriage and family dynamic, and the way her father used their culture and religion to suppress her- it was infuriating.

Beena Khan has put a spotlight on her characters and showcased their diversity. It is fascinating learning about cultures other than my own. I love that these stories are so much more than the boy gets the girl.

This is by far Beena’s best work to date. There is so much depth, passion, love, courage, and respect between these pages. This is a must-read book.

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