5 Parties with my Worst Enemy by Elle Sharpe

5 Parties with my Worst Enemy by Elle Sharpe

Published: December 7, 2020

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Elle Sharpe lives in California and enjoyed writing about coupes who are dragged into love kicking and screaming. No smooth, easy love stories for her characters. She writes witty romcoms with a steamy twist.

“I guess you’ll have to stay until the end of the game to find out.”

Norah is unapologetically herself. She is sarcastic, smart, and she cannot stand Ronan Baylor. Ronan is a wealthy hotel heir and a staunch businessman. He comes across as slightly arrogant and uses his attitude to keep people at arm’s length. What happens when their best friends get engaged, and they are the best man and maid of honor?

I enjoyed this book. It was charming, had a lot of humor and wit, and a pair of charismatic narrators who are so obviously meant to be, despite their stubbornness.

This is quite a debut for Elle Sharpe. Her romcom has all the right elements: great characters, humor, wit, sass, and it’s steamy.

I enjoyed the characters quite a bit. I feel like Ronan was a bit more developed than Norah, but I loved Norah so much. She was so rough around the edges, and her snappy comebacks made me giggle every single time.

This is quite a different romance novel, and I appreciated that a lot. While there were some steamy scenes, Elle Sharpe used them as accessories and not the main course. The story was front and center, and the sexy stuff was just a nice little dash throughout the book.

I loved Norah’s personality and the fact that she pretty much said whatever she was thinking. Her vulnerabilities were there, yet she was a strong character. She fully admitted she had no idea what she was doing, and she just went with it. Her zest was delightful. She also has such a charm about her, and I loved her internal dialogue regarding her feelings. She was a great, albeit sometimes immature, character.

This was an easy read, with a plot that kept you engaged. I loved the casual mix of negotiation thrown between Ronan and Norah. Their buildup was so well done. And I was cheering for them.

I would have lost it if that fifth party had been their wedding. I also subscribed to Elle’s newsletter to get the bonus chapter, which was okay. It just further cemented that love does conquer all, even despite our efforts to throw life off course.

Please be aware, online, the book is under “Five Parties with my Worst Enemy,” even though the cover has the number 5.

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