Sugarplums in St. Thomas by Loni Ree

Published: December 21, 2020

Kindle Edition

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Loni Ree is a busy mother of six who believes reading should be an escape from the everyday ritual. She writes short, steamy romances where the handsome hunk finds his perfect babe, and they fight to achieve their happily ever after.

“The grinch just met his Sugarplum.”

Simon’s family sends him on a tropical vacation over Christmas, hoping that it will improve his grumpy attitude and give him a chance to relax. In an attempt to avoid another family Christmas feeling like the family oddball, Ginger takes a tropical vacation to unwind and spend some time in the sun.

Ginger crashes into Simon’s life, immediately captivating him in a way no one ever has. As soon as he sees those angry green eyes staring daggers at him, he knows he can’t let this blond bombshell walk away.

Ginger is taken aback by the blue eyes hunk who snapped at her when she accidentally ran into him. The last thing on her mind is being attracted to a grumpy stranger… and yet, there is something in his eyes and his grumbling voice that ignites something inside her she has never experienced before.

Their romance is impossibly instant, but their connection is vast. Simon knows he won’t be able to live his life without Ginger at his side. So he sets out to make her his, forever.

This is a short and steamy romance that has humor, steamy scenes, and a power couple that compliments each other perfectly. The Midwest meets the east coast in this sensual holiday romance.

This is my first time reading Loni Ree, and I am impressed. She writes entertaining, well-rounded characters and insanely hot love scenes. I will be checking out her previous work. If you are looking for an easy to read quickie, look no further.

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