Literally Christmas by C. Streetlights

Published: December 2, 2019
Beyond DEF Publishing, LLC
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

C. Streetlights is a retired teacher but has been a writer for over 20 years. She now lives in the mountains with her family and her dog. She continues writing lovely stories that warm the heart and make you smile.

“A little Christmas Spirit wouldn’t, well … kill her.”

Natalie and her sister Chloe were adopted as children and grew up in a house that didn’t celebrate holidays. Any holiday. They always felt like outsiders in their own homes, and they did not feel loved by their parents. As an adult, Natalie works as an event planner and is working on a big Christmas party. When her boss discovers that Natalie seriously lacks holiday inspiration, she gives her a bizarre assignment: she works as one of Santa’s elves at the mall. Natalie is not convinced this will help her discover the meaning of Christmas, but Santa and Mason, another elf helper, have other plans. As Natalie slowly discovers who she truly is, she finds truth, forgiveness, understanding, and love.

This was such a sweet story. So original and very appropriate for the season. I enjoyed reading this. I have never read anything from C. Starlight’s, but this is a gem of a Christmas tale.

Natalie learns a lot about herself, her parents, and Christmas throughout this book. I loved the literal aspect- such fun! This is a very quick read, and I highly recommend reading it if you are looking for a heartfelt, festive fable as you sit beside your Christmas tree.

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