Perfect by D.D. Larsen

Published: May 26, 2020
Independently Published
Book is available on Kindle Unlimited

D.D. Larsen makes her writing debut with Perfect. She writes romantic thrillers. As a lifelong reader, her passion for the written word has only intensified. She is well educated, and incredibly smart.

“The future can wait.”

Seryna has always been focused on her future. She has spent her time excelling at her academics, focusing on extracurriculars, and playing sports. She is determined to get a scholarship and get out of her small town. She wants to be a doctor, and she has focused her entire high school career on that goal. Until her best friends get her to agree to attend a Friday night high school party. Her first party, ever. As uncomfortable as she is, she finds a friend and joins him for a game of beer pong. The next thing she sees is a pair of blue eyes that stirs something inside her; she didn’t know it was there. Will she find out who the blue-eyed hottie is? Will she become the next victim to the tainted party drunk floating around? Will Seryna survive her senior year or end up on a memorial page in the yearbook?

I don’t usually read young adult romance books. But this story was decent. The plot was well thought out, the characters were well developed, and the pacing was smooth.

Seryna’s maturity level was slightly concerning to me at times, though. On the one hand, she is this determined, ambitious, hardworking young lady on the precipice of real adulthood and college. On the other, a handsome stranger sways her, and two weeks later, she’s head over heels in love and ready to commit for life.


Kieran is 25, which is honestly too old to be interested in a barely out of high school 18-year-old, in my opinion. Especially as a professional. But their love story seems to defy all the odds, and their intensely lustful desire for each other knows no bounds.

I read this book because I was approved for the second book in this series and wanted to know the backstory. Overall, it’s a decent read. It moves along at a fast pace; there is quite a bit of action. The steamy scenes are alright, they honestly didn’t blow me away, but they were okay.

As a debut novel, this is pretty good. Significantly well developed, and it is very apparent how passionate D.D. Larsen takes her craft. This was a labor of love, and it showed.
I am looking forward to reading book two, Imperfect, because I am now invested in this story and know what happens!

Perfect ends on a cliffhanger. Will love conquer all? Do Seryna and Kieran get their happily ever after?

Find Perfect by D.D. Larsen on Amazon. This title is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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