Wild Child by Lola West

Published: December 10, 2020
KDP Kindle Edition

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Lola West is a smart, savvy author who writes incredibly badass characters. Her books are quick and easy reads, with stories that make you laugh, sigh, and cry. This book is the next installment in her Big Sky Cowboy series.

“And he was gorgeous, like ache-in-your-loins-full-lips-blond-hair-gray-eyes-chiseled-jaw-bite-your-bottom-lip-and-groan-out-loud gorgeous.”

This book made me cry like the complete sucker for a fantastic rom-com that I am.

We meet another Morgan, Cody, this time, as he meets party girl Jameson at a rodeo Sarah is performing at. They have a whirlwind night together, then Jameson drops Cody off and drives away. One night together, and that is that. Tied neatly with a bow. Until Jameson shows up in Conway almost three years later, will love be the answer? Is forgiveness an option?

I loved this one. As always, Lola writes such strong female characters, and Jameson is no exception. She is beautiful, witty, confident, and a total badass. I appreciate how Lola brings her male characters to life and how they are seriously the perfect men. Respectful, sexy, naughty, chivalrous, smart, hardworking, and looking for their equal.

This installment in the Big Sky Cowboy series is such a beautifully unconventional love story. We see how powerful a choice can be. We see how scary and beautiful vulnerability can be. We see how evident to everyone except ourselves, just how true love can be.

The Morgan clan is full of hardworking, big loving people, and in this sweet book, the family just continues to grow. I would love to see Papa Morgan find his second chance at love, simply because he is an incredible character and an amazing grandpa and loving father. He deserves to be stupid in love, happy, again.

I spent the final chapters of this book crying. Because it is so damn beautiful. Lola West has such a brilliant gift for bringing the full spectrum of emotion into her writing. We aren’t just getting great steamy scenes. We are getting the total package. The good, the bad, and the sexy. This is another delicious gift from the always brilliant Lola West, and I am already waiting for the next one.

Forever? Forever. cue tears

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