Tofu Cowboy by Lola West

Published: October 8, 2020
KDP Kindle Edition
Romance/ RomCom/ Western/ Series

Lola West is a smart, sassy, strong female who writes about smart, sassy, strong females. She isn’t afraid to have her characters be flawed and vulnerable. She has a talent for writing short stories that are complete arcs and can make you laugh, cry, and sigh all within the same chapter.

“Luke made me his muse, and there was this giant bravery required to embody that role, and it felt sexy and brazen and bold.”

I am reading this book after reading the third and fourth books in this series. But oh my God. There are so many things to discuss regarding this book and Lola West.

First, thank you, Lola West. Thank you so much for this book. Thank you for giving us, Maddie. Her journey, her struggles, her healing. Her story. The way you write this character; the way you wrote her journey is lovely. Not only is Maddie a recovered anorexic/bulimic, but she comes from a broken and emotionally abusive home. Maddie decides to pursue a healthy relationship with herself, so she signs up to model for an art class. What better way to embrace oneself than modeling nude in front of a classroom or artists? And then get to see yourself through their lens. That is owning one’s power. Because of the harm caused by her eating disorder, Maddie has a secret. Something that she thinks makes her less. Something that means she is broken. She doesn’t think she deserves to be loved and cherished. She doesn’t think she is worthy of happily ever after. She wants to be happy, internally, deep from within, happy.

Luke is blown away from the first time he sees the blue-haired beauty in his art class. She awakens something within him that he wasn’t sure existed. She makes him want more. She makes him smile. She brings out the best in him, as a man and as an artist.

He makes her feel beautiful. And he loves her wholly. Because Maddie is whole. Maddie is not broken. Maddie is not damaged. And Maddie deserves cookies and pillow first for the rest of her life.

This book is an absolute must-read. This book is perfect. It’s beautiful. It’s complicated. It’s deep. It’s honest. It’s raw. It’s real. And Maddie is worth so much more. She is not less than.

Lola West, I sobbed through the last half of this book. The way you handled Maddie’s secret and the adamant, unconditional love you show her is truly beautiful.

Find Tofu Cowboy by Lola West on Amazon. It is available on Kindle Unlimited, and is an absolute must read.

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