If You Love Someone by Lola West

Published: October 2020
KDP Kindle Edition

Lola West is a dynamic writer who incorporates humor, romance, sarcasm, wit, equality, and steamy scenes, all wrapped in the best package. Her books are quick and easy reads that you can’t put down. She will make you laugh, cry, and sigh at least once in every story she tells. She is also a genuinely kind and brilliant woman; who writes every one of her characters with the hearts and compassion this world should have.

“Music was oxygen.”

We get to know Kat and Billy in this installment of the Big Sky Cowboys series. Kat and Billy have been inseparable since they were in diapers. Their love was fated. Kat’s other passion, music, comes calling. Kat gets the opportunity of every small town singer’s lifetime- the chance to go to New York and record a professional demo. A chance to share her music with some of the industry’s most talented producers.

What should be the happiest moment of Kat’s life to date quickly turns into her biggest heartbreak to date. Billy is jealous and insecure about her going to chase her dreams. He has responsibilities back home in Conway, so he has to stay behind while Kat takes on the big Apple.

As Kat’s dreams start to spiral into her reality, her love life falls apart. But Kat is determined to give her music an authentic chance. So she plans to channel her hurt into her power.

Kat is getting ready to take center stage, but will she lose the one she loves in the process? Will her demo lead to a successful tour? And a second album? Will her career take off, making leaving home behind worth it?

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