Her Comeback by Lola West

Published: October 29, 2020
KDP Kindle Edition
Available on Kindle Unlimited

Lola West is an incredibly gifted writer. She can bring romance, humor, and complete equality into her stories. She creates sympathetic, educated, wise, beautiful characters to life in fun, charming words. She is the representation we need and deserve.

“C’mon, cowboy, we got fences to mend.”

Ten years have passed since Kat left for New York and her dream. Ten long years since she and Billy have genuinely been happy. When a lousy record leaves Kat and her PR team scrambling to remind her listers who she is, Kat ends up back in Conway. Back in Billy’s house. Will they be able to find their way back to each other, or has too much time and hurt collected?

This is such a sweet installment in this series, and it is sweet seeing big star Kat come back to small-town Conway and back to the Morgan ranch.

Ten years have passed since Kat and Billy parted ways, but their connection is almost immediate when they run into each other upon her trip to walk down memory lane.

I love the vulnerability in both Kat and Billy in this book. They are both hurting, both being stubborn, and are both unapologetically in love. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, they both make decisions that will change everything.

On top of their inner turmoil, baby sister Sarah is branching out into her own, and it looks like she will be following in Kat’s footsteps. Is there room for love in the spotlight? Or will Kat and Billy crash and burn again?

Find Her Comeback by Lola West on Amazon. This title is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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