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Theodore the Neighbour’s Cat by J.S. Ellis


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

J.S. Ellis is a thriller writer who lives with her fiancé and fur baby. When she isn’t writing delightfully spooky tales, she is cooking delicious dishes or listening to music while enjoying a glass of wine.

“I was the architect of my own making.”

Theodore: a tuxedo cat who is wise and smart. He knows how a human does terrible things and wants to stop him.
Dean: charismatic, handsome, and dangerous. He has secrets to keep and skeletons in his closet. The man next door could very well kill you.
Jane: beautiful, smart, a talented up and coming author. She makes the mistake of allowing the wrong man into her life- what will it cost her?

This is the first book I’ve read from J.S. Ellis, and I am not disappointed. I haven’t read a book where an animal gets a perspective, and I have to say I immensely enjoyed this journey.

Theodore is a lucky cat. He was found as a kitten soaking wet, scared and starving, by Dean. And Dean brought him in, fed him, cleaned him up, and loved him. But Theodore quickly learned that Dean isn’t the savior he thought when he discovers something dark and deadly about Dean. Now, Theodore is determined to prevent Dean from hurting anyone else; despite the love he has for his human, he wants him to be stopped.

I liked the alternating perspectives in this book; I found Theodore’s philosophy very well done. It did not seem awkward or weird to have a cat narrating the story and being a smart character. The characters are very well developed; the plot is smooth and has a nice pace. The location descriptions are beautiful, and I found myself visualizing the descriptions quickly.

This is a new kind of thriller for me, and I am not at all disappointed. J.S. Ellis has written a truly charming story, with a cat as the star. I enjoyed the cat facts between chapters; I learned little factoids I hadn’t heard of before. This has suspense, romance, mystery, animals, strong female characters, and justice! Prepare to have your heart stolen!

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