Sweet Perfection by Zoe Adams

Book two is just as sexy as book one!

Tasha has achieved everything she has ever wanted. She’s a thriving, highly sought after model. She’s made a name for herself, she’s making good money, but the cost of getting there has been high.

Still reeling from her job with Jacob, Tasha attempts to throw herself into her work. She is determined not to have any more trysts with her employer until she meets her latest employer—a sexy photographer who is not shy about admitting his desire and attraction to her.

The build-up in this story was quick, and we see some development with Tasha. She isn’t emotionally healed from what happened with Jacob, so this story lands her in some hot water.

Another empowering nod to the female form, Zoe Adams writes her male characters genuinely appreciate every aspect of Tasha- mind, body, and soul. The twist on this one is unexpected, and I can only imagine how dramatic book three will be!

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