Sin’s Revenge by Ashley Hayton

I receive a copy of Sin’s Revenge in exchange for an honest review.

“‘Che il divertimento abbia inizio’- Let the fun begin.”

Ashley Hayton is a busy mom who spends her days coordinating her household, designing her next tattoo, and writing. The writing was never her goal, exactly, but she has found herself on the path of creating dynamic stories.

Sienna Magdalena Isabella Didonato: daughter of the don, she is a mafia princess with revenge on her mind. Not afraid to do what she deems necessary to maintain her position and prove herself, Sienna is a fearless woman who wants to take control of her sexuality and her life.
Ashley: daughter of the president of a motorcycle club, she is confident and dangerous, wrapped in a beautiful package. Not afraid to speak her mind or stand her ground, she becomes Sienna’s best friend and chooses to have her back no matter what.

This is the first book I’ve read by Ashley Hayton, and while the whole reverse harem scene isn’t necessarily my thing, this was a decent read.

Sienna comes from a line of influential individuals, who have all been male. When the sudden murder of her brother changes everything, Sienna decides she will get revenge for her brother, prove to her father that she is the best choice to take over the family business, and take ownership over her desires.

Everyone wants everyone in this story. Sienna is beautiful, smart, and dangerous. And she seems to have sexual tension with every male she encounters throughout the book, which is slightly ironic when you factor in the fact that she is a virgin.

The plot was decent; it moved at a steady pace. The journey is semi-clear, though often we are distracted due to some sexual tension between Sienna and one of the men in her harem.

It’s always a little weird when all the characters are totally on board with the whole sharing Sienna thing. She has sexual chemistry/tension with just about every male character within this book. And we are reminded often of how beautiful Sienna is.

Overall, this was a decent read. The pace was lovely, and the story is easy to read, and the characters have some growth. The twist is pretty intense; however, you can figure out the plot twist if you’re paying attention.

A couple of issues I had with Ashley’s biker affiliations are referencing the kutte’s as cut. In biker culture, the vests that clubs wear are referred to as a kutte, adorned with various patches earned through service with their MC. A minor detail, but an important one if we are to believe Ashley is affiliated with an MC. Also, a female would never be a patched member even if she is the president’s daughter. So Ashley would never be a voting member of the MC, she would be respected as the president’s daughter, and that may afford her some power, but she would never be in church, voting on things, and she wouldn’t be seen as an equal in the club. That’s just biker culture.

I did appreciate the nod to feminism and female empowerment with this book. Seeing strong women thrive.

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