Love and Pain by Zoe Adams

This installment is longer than the previous two, which was nice. The plot moves along at a reasonable rate and keeps you engaged.

After Tasha ran away from Damian’s house in the woods, he stops at nothing to find her. The piece of information she left behind shakes Damian to his core and only solidifies his feelings for Tasha.

When he finally tracks Tasha down, he’s discovered she has run away to her hometown. She was looking for the comforts and support that only a mother can provide. Sadly, her parents are not interested. They all but slam the door in her face, again, leaving her sad and alone.

Damian finds Tasha in a dingy hotel, where they have a very emotional conversation. But right before that happens, Tasha gets some pretty incredible news regarding her career. With her life seemingly spiraling quickly out of control, Tasha is left to wonder if she is making the right choice…

And Damian is left to clean up after he makes a wrong decision. Mistakes are made, lines are crossed. And we are left with a cliffhanger that will make your jaw drop. Bring on book 4!

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