Blood Orphan by Samantha Adair

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Samantha Adair makes her debut with a stellar novel, and it is only the beginning of what is sure to be an incredible series. She’s a dog mom who lives in Australia with her husband, and when she isn’t writing, she is spending time in her favorite coffee shop or spending time with her friends.

“Prima donna?” she spits, “you kidnap me out of a dinner party, practically eat my face off, and expect me to keep following you without some explanation?”

Isabella: beautiful, smart, and dangerous. She has secrets and a past that could get anyone close to her killed.

Jack: a father figure to Isabell, he watched over her and took her safety into his hands. He, too, has secrets that may be deadly.

Tom: self-described functioning alcoholic, he is the literal best at what he does. A master of everything, except perhaps his heart.

Kat: a blast from the past that no one saw coming. Bold, brave, and fearless, her games of cat and mouse are quite deadly.

Martha: badass Gran figure; she is smart, capable, and deadly.

Samantha Adair makes quite the entrance with her debut novel, which will grab your attention immediately. We meet Isabella, who makes an effort to blend in. She finds comfort and safety in not being noticed. But then Jack delivers some news that is not only unexpected but possibly deadly.

Isabella thinks she will spend an evening at a fancy party, seduce a target, and be on her way. Until a pair of beautiful green eyes come into her life. With a gaze that makes Isabella forget to breathe, Tom has his plan… and Isabella is suddenly thrust into a world she thought she’d escaped ages ago.

This is a fast-paced plot that has so much action. The locations’ descriptions are so well done; you will feel like you’re sitting in Paris, watching things happen. The characters are so well developed, and they are so well written. It is impossible not to fall a little in love with the main cast of characters.

I loved the female empowerment within these pages. Badass, smart, capable, strong females doing what needs to be done, in every aspect, is beautiful. I will always applaud a strong female lead.

If you are looking for a fast-paced, well-written, strongly developed novel that will grab you from the first paragraph- do yourself a favor and read Blood Orphan. It is excellent, in every way. This is a brilliant introduction to a series that Samantha Adair is sure to blow her readers away with altogether.

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