Mistletoe in Malibu by Lola West

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am grateful to be reading and reviewing for Lola West again!

“Oh nothing. I was just thinking you’re going to love Malibu.”

Lola West writes short, sweet, sexy romance books. She is not afraid to make her female characters badass women, and she writes her male characters as consenting, respectful, sexy adults.

Delores is a hardworking, single mom who hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to love. After marrying her high school love, and having a baby, she realized cheaters are going to cheat. So now she focuses on her business and her son.

Buck a sexy rodeo cowboy who had a rough childhood. He is a straight shooter and is not one to play games. He is an honorable adult who is not afraid to go after what he wants.

Lola West had a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies, and it shows in how she writes her characters. I love that so much, and it is lovely reading a book that doesn’t objectify, belittle, degrade, or disrespect anyone. I am here for this kind of educated romance novel.

This is a super quick and easy read. But the story is so sweet and so pure that despite it taking 25 minutes to read, you will be invested in the story. I love the significant family aspect, the love and respect shown, and of course, the badass leading lady.

Dee Dee is a mom, and she has that curvy body that carrying and birthing a baby gives a woman. She has an hourglass shape, large breasts, and minor insecurity about herself. But Buck changes all of that as he praises and appreciates every inch of her body. I love seeing the “mom bod” get the praise and recognition it deserves. Growing baby humans is hard work! And all bodies and beautiful bodies.

Even though their journey was quick, I enjoyed reading this book. And the fact that Dee Dee is older than Buck, and he refuses to let that keep them apart, just makes this love story even more delightful.

The last paragraph of the book is beyond charming and will give you all the feelings. Seeing a strong female allow herself to be vulnerable and take a chance? Absolutely yes.

Lola has written an epilogue, and you get access to it after signing up for her newsletter. Let me just say, and it’s worth every single thing. I loved this story, I love the couple, and I hope they get their own full-length book within this series.

Christmas on the beach, anyone?

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