The Deepest Cut by Beena Khan

Beena Khan sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Beena, for giving me another of your creations to read and review.

“Boring just turned into interesting now.”

Been Khan is a dynamic and intelligent writer who brings such a potent mix of culture, diversity, and female empowerment into her books. With each book she writes, her talent only improves. Her stories are beautiful, educational, and the epitome of love.

This is the second book in Beena Khan’s Forbidden series. Something I enjoy about Beena’s writing is that she incorporates so much culture into her characters. I have learned so much about Southeast Asian culture from her writing. She has clarified many practices I knew very little about, and she has painted such a beautiful picture of a culture that I have not been exposed to. I appreciate the diversity, the use of the different dialects, the scene descriptions, the clothing descriptions, and the various traditions practiced.

I also enjoy that Beena brings attention to the various skin tones, hair, and eye color that people have within an ethnic group. It is beautiful reading about a culture I am unfamiliar with and visualizing the lovely humans as Beena describes them.

Beena infuses so much feminist strength into her female characters. And this is despite her female leads being Southeast Asian and generally from more restrictive cultures as far as being female is concerned. Her leading ladies all have such a smart, charming wit about them. And they are all so well-read, eloquent, and innocent in the purest of ways.

I enjoyed this book. Ismat is such a strong character, and her growth and development throughout the book were magnificent. This was such an excellent installment in this series. Beena has such a talent for writing such deep characters. The empowerment within these pages is truly powerful and inspiring. This is another must-read from Beena Khan.

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