The First Shot by Liv Constantine

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This is the prequel to The Last Mrs. Parrish, which has been one of my absolute favorite books I have read this year. As soon as I saw this title online, I had to get it. I don’t normally like being read to, but for Liv Constantine I will gladly be read to for a fantastic story!

If you have read The Last Mrs. Parrish, then you have gotten to know Amber. If you have not read The Last Mrs. Parrish, this review may not make sense. I highly recommend reading TLMP immediately. It is incredible.

We get a deeper dive into who Amber was before she set her sights on the Parrish family. A manipulative monster of the most devious, Amber is not afraid to go after what she wants- regardless of who she has to eliminate. Feelings only matter if they interrupt her plans.

Devious and determined, if we thought Amber was capable of ruining lives in The Last Mrs. Parrish, her past only confirms that she is a master manipulator. In true Liv Constantine fashion, the twist is so beautifully delivered and karma is so brutally delivered. Lessons may have been learned the hard way… but oh man, Amber will not be stopped.

The narrator, Suzanne Elise Freeman, has a calming voice. There were certain times I got True Crime documentary narrator vibes from her as she performed this book. She is a talented narrator, using her voice to bring each of the characters to life.

I really enjoyed this book. I would have preferred to have read it, but it was fast-paced and entertaining. The plot is simply deviant. I give this Audible 5 out of 5 stars.

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