The Witchy Way in 21 Days by Armina Turner

“Follow me down this path. We’ll walk together side by side. Your life is an open book, a poem waiting to be written, a blank canvas upon which you can create a masterpiece once you learn the secrets that have existed since the beginning of time, and go on through eternity.”

Armina Turner debuts her writing career with a delightfully charming book, The Witch Way, in 21 Days. Armina was a practicing psychiatrist until seven years ago when she decided to step back from traditional practice and dive deeper into the mind, body, and soul.

Something I wasn’t aware of is this book is not meant to be read straight through. It is intended to be read daily as you identify and embrace each step. So if you are looking to enhance your magick or inner peace, this book should be read as a step-by-step guideline, and you should only move from one step to the next after you’ve mastered the goal(s) set in the previous step. I read this book straight through, and since I am not a practitioner of Magick and do not consider myself a witch of any variety, how I read this text is fine, but if you are a practitioner, then take the process slowly and read one chapter at a time and embrace and work the process.

While I do not perform Magick, I found this book empowering, inspirational, and beautifully written. There is such a strong appreciation placed on women within this book—an absolute ode to the wonder that is the female person.

Even if you are not a Magick practitioner, reading this book and internalizing the words can have a deeper meaning and help bring enlightenment to your life. Replace the talk of Magick with inner peace or your chosen religion, and the theory remains the same. I, personally, am Catholic, but many of the things discussed in this book can be used in everyday life. Finding a way to calm your mind and open your heart, bringing the eternal peace of belief and genuine love is powerful.

I found this book to be well written, very eloquent, and positive. I enjoyed the research and passion that is between these pages. If you are looking to find inner peace and happiness or are a witch looking to grow her power, this is a lovely read. Armina Turner did a lot of research in writing this text, and a lot of beneficial and fascinating information is shared upon these pages.

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