Dashing Through the No by Tara Sivec

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Tara Sivec, for the opportunity to read for you. I am already waiting for the next ARC to arrive in my inbox.

“I do not house freeloaders, no matter how good they are with their penis.”

Tara Sivec is an incredibly gifted storyteller who can make you laugh with one line, cry with another, and sigh with happiness with the next. She has several published books (several of which are currently available on Kindle Unlimited!), and these are the stories we need. She has quickly become a favorite of mine. She is sassy, confident and writes sexy stories that are enjoyable reads.

Tess, fiery in every sense of the word, she is an unapologetically badass. Smart, witty, and uncomplicated, Tess sees people for who they truly are and fiercely loves them for it. She is the best friend, dependable employee, and most dedicated girlfriend- even if she wouldn’t admit it.

Bodhi, smart, soulful, and ready to live for himself. Bodhi is a complicatedly uncomplicated guy. People assume what you see is what you get, and Bodhi is fine, letting that be. But there is so much more to this man if anyone is willing to look.

Summersweet Island, book 3. Sigh. I wanted this story as soon as Tara Sivec introduced Tess to us in Kiss my Putt. I immediately loved Tess. Her spark, her love, her compassion… she has every single quality that one wants in a best friend and a partner. And Bodhi was the sidekick best friend that had some epic one-liners. So this book is very much wanted, needed, and adored.

We learn more about Bodhi’s past and the things that lead to becoming the laidback surfer slash golf caddy he is today. Getting to know who Bodhi is, inside and out, only increases the affection of this character. This book humanizes him in such a way that you cannot help but identify with his struggles. His fears, his anxiety. But then again, we all wish we could truly be as free-spirited and brave as Bodhi. He lives for the things that make him happy. He chooses to live in the moment, cherishing the ones he loves. That’s pretty magical.

I loved this book because of the unyielding, unapologetic nature that Bodhi and Tess love each other. They love each other for who they are, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They love each other’s flaws, strengths, highs, and lows. It is pure, it is true, and it is real. I appreciate Bodhi’s love for Tess so much because he sees her. Who she really is, and he accepts and loves her. He embraces all of her sharp edges, and he wants her to be happy.

As someone who considers themself a difficult person to like, let alone love, I identified with Tess quite a bit. While I don’t set things on fire when they annoy me, I also don’t allow myself to get sentimental. I don’t get mushy; I am not that colorful girl, among other colorful girls. I am a thunder cloud among a blue sky filled with rainbows. So I understand, Tess. Her abandonment issues, her trust issues. Her fear of actually caring what others think. Of actually wanting those “happily ever after” things, and that terrifies her.

This book is genuinely everything I could have ever wanted for Tess and Bodhi. It is their perfect story. Which is to say, it is imperfect because nothing is ever perfect. I enjoyed this story. I loved focusing on Bodhi and Tess and meeting some other characters. I read this book in a single sitting; I could not put it down. When you think you can’t love Summersweet Island and those who reside there- Tara drops another book in our laps and sashays away.

Millie gave me Alexis Rose vibes, and I honestly loved it. All of Millie’s little anecdotes just came through in Alexis’ voice, and it really brought Millie to life for me. She is just a perspective, kind, good human that people underestimate, but she has a heart of gold when it comes to those she loves. I love Millie. I am definitely moving up Christmas Cliche up on my to be read list because I need more of this eclectic ray of sunshine in my life immediately. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Tara Sivec writes such empowering characters. And when you read this book, I guarantee you will be down with BPP.

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