Imperfect Harmony by Lola West

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Lola West, for this opportunity.

“She was like a flashlight, illuminating the dark dusty corners of my personality that I’d boxed up and put away.”

Lola West writes short, sweet stories that captivate and empower you. She had a Ph.D. in women’s studies, which shows how she crafts her female characters. She is a talented writer and a badass woman.

Sarah, a small-town sweetheart, grew up in the shadow of brothers who protected her from everything- whether she wanted them to or not. She has big dreams, a bigger talent, and a natural charm. She draws you in without trying, and her beauty shines through her sass. She is the epitome of a “good girl,” yet she yearns to be so much more.

Horse, quiet, and capable, he keeps everyone at arm’s length. Mysterious but good at his job, he will leave you wanting more. Battered and broken from sadness in his last, Horse doesn’t believe he deserves any more than what he’s got- until an up and coming singer shatters his walls and brings the music back into his heart.

This was my first Lola West book, and let me say I am now going to read everything she has published. She writes such beautiful love stories.

Lola West does not mess around when writing her female characters. Sarah is strong, smart, beautiful, self-aware, and unapologetic about owning who she is and what she wants.

The female empowerment throughout this book was fantastic. The pride, the passion, and the power of owning one’s self are unremarkable.

The journey to stardom is not always comfortable, mostly when you’re falling in love for the first time and establishing your independence for the first time in your life. Sarah is such a beautifully written character and one that most of us will identify with. Horse also represents a lot of us, from the way he is holding on to his past, denying himself the things he feels he does not deserve, and the power of forgiving and being open to love.

This is such a beautiful story. I loved the characters. I seriously want to be friends with Sean. Everything about him is fabulous. The family unit within this story is so strong and so powerful.

This is a sexy, sweet, funny, romantic story of love, forgiveness, and family. If you are looking for an easy read with emotional baggage and an ending that will make you cry, I highly recommend this book.

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