Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

It was legendary in ways that could never be explained.

Riley Sager is an extremely talented author, able to bring horror stories to life in ways that almost feel real. You find yourself aware of any noises in your house as you read his novels.

Jules has had a hard life. Her sister has been missing for years. Her parents are both deceased. Her boyfriend was cheating on her, and she was laid off from her job. With less than $500 in her account and sleeping on her one friend’s couch, Jules finds herself desperate and willing to accept the too good to be true offer to be an apartment sitter. Little does she know, and this could potentially be the last thing she ever does.

History intertwined with fiction makes this story impossible to put down. The way the story unfolds draws you in and doesn’t let go.

Fantasy befalls reality in this novel, as Riley Sager brings this terrifying tale of secrets, lies, and anonymity to life. The characters within this novel are so well written. You find yourself wanting to know their journey, wanting to know what makes them tick. And ultimately, what makes them unique.

This is a fast-paced story, with twists and turns you never see coming. When the smoke clears, and you finally catch your breath- you realize the biggest and most deadly twist is hidden in the shadows.

I enjoyed this novel. It is well written, clearly developed, and terrifyingly addictive. In a modern-day nod to “Rosemary’s Baby,” you will not be able to read this book fast enough. Your heart will race, your anticipation will spike, and you will be scared.

Welcome to the Bartholomew, where residents move in… and never move out. I gave this novel 4 out of 5 stars.

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