Folsom by Tarryn Fisher & WIllow Aster

Women are not stupid. That’s why they outlasted us.

Tarryn Fisher is known for her ability to tell twisted stories with a delicate eloquence. She writes such dynamic characters, and gives her female characters such as strength, wisdom, vulnerability, and makes her readers realize there is nothing wrong with having flaws. Tarryn Fisher brings this story to life in a way that only she can and presents us with the terrifying answer to what would happen if women ruled the world, and the yearning for complete control runs wild.

Willow Aster has written over 8 novels, and she has a fierce passion for writing. She brings her characters to life with as much realism and care a person can. This is my first experience reading Aster’s work, but I will definitely add her other works to my to be read list. She has intrigued me in a way that not many authors have.

With only 12 men remaining who can produce children, the world has drastically changed as it was once known. Long gone are the days of patriarchal rule. The women rule the world.

Folsom, attractive and charismatic, and literally one of very few. He is desired solely because he’s a man and can impregnate women. In fact, he has the most reliable track record of getting women pregnant. Yet, as resigned to this fate as he’s allowed himself to become- Folsom wants more.

Gwen, smart and beautiful, she wants what every woman in Red Region wants, a baby. A boy. She wants to carry a life inside her and do her part to contribute to her region. Yet, something changes within her after her turn with Folsom.

This collaboration between Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster is so well done. They have created and deconstructed a world that is terrifying and deadly. We may think a world dominated by women is something to be desired. A world where the 12 remaining men able to impregnate women are strictly controlled and kept in check is a positive thing. But what happens to free will? What happens to love? What happens to raising boys to be polite and courteous? While women are powerful in so many ways, we see the absolute terror that can arise when the desire for total control and domination takes over.

The world spread before us is one of control, careful construction, and absolute power. This book is like The Hunger Games for adults. We briefly hear about each of the regions, and we learn that the 12 men rotated around like stud animals being put to work.

The characters’ personalities quickly shine through, and we see just how deadly this game of creating life can get. I recommend this book. I gave this book 4 out of 4 stars.

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