Her Daughter’s Cry by M.M.Chouinard

Whew. I just finished this novel, and do say I am emotional would be an understatement. This is the third installment in the Jo Fournier series, and the first two books (The Dancing Girls and Taken to the Grave) were fantastic. This book is fast-paced and impossible to put down.

The story will grab your attention immediately. The first chapter starts with a significant bang. Next thing you know, you’re running full speed downhill. Our favorite detectives, Jo and Bob, are back and on the case.

When a woman covered in blood stumbles into a store, she is taken to the hospital to be evaluated. Not only is this mysterious woman covered in blood that doesn’t belong to her, but she has no memory of who she is or what happened to her. Through a series of seemingly impossible situations, Zoë is left alone, figuring out who she is and what happened in the woods. And Jo, Bob, and the team are left to find Zoë before she ends up dead.

The story unfolds in glimpses, and as the plot thickens, we start to get a picture of who this unknown woman is.

This novel handles so many situations beautifully. The amnesia, the conflict with family, the tension between sisters, the internal battle most women face when it comes to having a family, and the absolute power of a mom hug. The double entendre within the title is played out brilliantly, and you will find yourself on the edge of your seat and in need of tissues!

We get to know Jo much more throughout this genuinely remarkable novel. Jo is such a strong, smart, capable, and genuinely kind female lead. She is everything I want in a strong female lead. She takes no-nonsense, and she is driven. She is vulnerable yet capable, and she is fearful in the most fearless way. We get to know Jo on a much more intimate level in this novel and see a completely new side to who our heroine is. If you thought you appreciated Jo before- get ready because you will fall even more in love with her in this novel.

We get some more insight into Jo’s family dynamic and her relationship with her sister. This is refreshing, and it clarified that just because we think someone has it all together doesn’t mean they do. We got to know Jo’s father in the previous novel (Taken to the Grave) we get to know Jo’s mother in this novel. The dynamic of the mother-daughter relationship is dissected throughout this book, and we witness every possible aspect of a mother’s love; the good, the bad, and the deadly.

M.M. Chouinard plays a lot with her characters within this novel, and their development is incredible. Every single character is so well thought, well written, and the arc they travel is fulfilled. Chouinard has such a talent for her descriptions, and every character, no matter how big or small, has such depth. As if we didn’t already have a deep appreciation for Josette Fournier as a detective, we gain further appreciation for her as a woman in this novel.

Chouinard does her research on all aspects within her story. This novel deals with brain injury, traumatic amnesia, manipulation, and many emotional situations. The absolute depth of the explanations and the way the plot progresses is brilliant. You do not need to be a doctor to understand the medical cases and diagnosis; you do not have to be a psychologist to know how the human brain and emotions work. The details are splayed across the pages.

I could not put this book down. And I honestly could not read it fast enough. The twists keep coming, and you will never put the pieces together until Chouinard is ready for them to be assembled. This novel is powerfully written, filled with dynamic characters and so much heart. I recommend this book. I cannot wait to read the fourth installment in the Jo Fournier series.

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