Original Sin by Greta Cribbs

Read from 9/22/20-9/23/20

Book eight, of the Crimson Falls novellas, this story was told from a different perspective. We learn through flashbacks, with minimal first person experience. This tactic was interesting, essentially creating a double story line. Convicted serial killer, Duane Tolloch, shares his story with Dr. Meredith Bowen to explain his reasons why. This story is told via flashbacks, by Tolloch, as he tells his version of why he did the things he did. He takes the reader on the journey of his conception, young life and ultimately his crimes. One aspect of this book I really enjoyed was the very pro female aspect. This story takes place at a time when women weren’t “supposed” to be sexually liberated or loud… and the characters take that and smash it. The story line wasn’t overly exciting, but it was interesting. The plot makes you think and it poses some heavy questions… starting with nurture vs nature, moving to how much does a traumatic childhood truly impact your life and mortality. This book also makes you think about accountability, which I appreciated. Overall, I enjoyed the writing style, the characters and the overlying theme that we, alone, have control over our behavior. This book gets 3 out of 5 stars.

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