Too Late by Colleen Hoover

Read 9/4/2020-9/7/2020

Trigger warning: For readers who might be triggered by sensitive subject matter, this book contains scenes which depict rape, murder and other graphic violence.

This book deals with some heavy things, and it has some fairly dark parts. But it was written so eloquently and so lovingly. This book opens our eyes to how truly desperate a person can feel, when they feel they have no options but to make it work in their current situation, regardless of how bad that situation may be. We meet very damaged, but very well developed characters in this book. We see the absolute brutal ugliness that can rest within a persons soul, and we see the light that can be redeemed, should a person want to change. We meet Sloan, who is strong, brave, smart, charismatic and so damaged from a long life of disappointment. Sloan, who is not looking for anyone to save her but herself, finds out that true love waits for no one. Worlds collide and things get dangerous. Colleen Hoover has such a magical way of weaving her stories and gripping our hearts and minds. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Colleen Hoover wrote an extra epilogue for this book and it provides the most beautiful closure ever. If you’re not following her on Facebook you definitely should be!!!! This book is beautiful, and such a complete story. I further stand by my 5 star rating!!

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