The Lucky Ones by Kiersten Modglin

Read 8/15/20

This was an okay read. The story line started out pretty strong, but then just kind of rambled on in an awkward way. This is surprising, considering Kiersten Modglin is usually very strong in her plots and is known to write novels that you cannot put down. The twist wasn’t as dramatic as I was hoping for, and the ending wasn’t as solid as I am used to from Kiersten Modglin’s writing. The plot had a lot of potential, and the writing is solid. But I felt like it dragged on longer than necessary. The overall story arc was spooky, and the development of characters was great (which is not surprising for Kiersten Modglin), and as per usual I enjoyed the strong, yet vulnerable, female lead. Overall, it was a decent read and a lovely way to pass an afternoon, but not a novel I will need to read again. I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars.

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