One More Step By Various Authors (List in Description)

One More Step by A.L. Jackson, Aleatha Romig, Amy Daws, B.B. Easton, Cathlin Shahriary, Colleen Hoover, Debra Anastasia, Devney Perry, Emma Scott, Evan Grace, Gianna Gabriela, Ginger Scott, Jaci Wheeler, J.B. Salsbury, Jessica Sorensen, Julie Solano, Tracy Justice, K.F. Breene, K.L. Grayson, S.M. Soto, Lilly Wilde, L.K. Farlow, M. Lynn, Santana Blair, Tijan, T.K. Rapp

This anthology was written by 26 different authors, given the same first sentence. Every short story is different, they do not go together, other than they all start with the same first sentence. Some of the stories within this compilation are SO well done that I wish they had complete novels. This was such a different type of read, because none of the stories went together, so it was almost like reading 26 different books; but the short stories were very well done. And instead of writing 26 separate reviews, I am doing a collaborative review of this text. Excellent writing, very interesting to see where different writers took the same sentence… this anthology showcases just how many directions a single line can go. I very much enjoyed this book. I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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